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Minneapolis, MN





Building for Good is helping a Minnesota charity Build a community of love, of support, of women.

For more than 40 years, motherhood has been the intersection in which Tandem meets the women and children it serves.  Tandem has been their soft place to land, offering a full spectrum of support and resources to equip these families in breaking the cycle of crisis and poverty. 

 The truth is – all people face crisis at some point – it’s inevitable.  Tandem exists for those who must face it alone.  Tandem passionately believes that when a person has a support system - people who are deeply invested in a person’s well-being, that person can overcome any crisis that comes along.  An unplanned pregnancy, poverty, homelessness, job loss, domestic violence, mental health concerns…no one should ever have to walk that path alone.  

 Tandem is cultivating a community of hope in which those in crisis come out on the other side to all of the promise that Life still has to offer.   Combining practical help with deep authentic relationships, Tandem has found that those two things woven together are a powerful force.  

 Tandem calls it life-on-life ministry.  It’s why Tandem is different.  It’s why what Tandem does, works. 


While Tandem has been blessed by the support of a Building for Good volunteer lawyer, in many ways over the years, most significantly was her expertise and guidance during the purchase of both our commercial building which houses our daycare center, education rooms and material assistance as well as our residential building, which is now Tandem House.  
— Kimberly Rynders - CEO, Tandem (formerly Tapestry)


Images from Tandem.