Building for Good: Construction law services for those who build for the people who need help most.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help your mission.

At Building for Good (B4G), our mission is to help your mission. We know that legal services, though necessary, can be a financial burden on a nonprofit trying to fulfill a goal. We know that the need to expand or renovate your facility, though urgent, can be daunting when trying to figure out how to navigate the legal landscape. And we know that your organization’s dollars can be better spent on mission delivery instead of attorney fees. You want to serve your community. We want to serve you.

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But how does B4G work?

Building for Good connects volunteer construction attorneys with charities and nonprofit organizations with a construction law need. Consider the local food pantry or homeless shelter that needs a new roof. Or the expansion or retrofitting of a nonprofit school or facility serving low-income students or citizens with special needs. The needs may vary throughout the nonprofit community, but the problem is the same:

How does your organization access pro bono legal services?


B4G helps Good organizations, doing Good work, find Good attorneys to Build something GREAT.

B4G is a national platform with pilot services available in Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Jersey. We will connect your nonprofit with skilled construction lawyers to help you solve your construction law issues. If your organization needs construction law transactional work (i.e., drafting and negotiating construction and design agreements or reviewing and advising on contracts), or dispute resolution (i.e., construction litigation, mediation, or arbitration relating to design or construction defects), we can help.

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Put your organization’s resources to mission delivery, not legal fees.

B4G encourages and promotes lawyers giving back to the community by helping their volunteer services allow your organization to save costs and devote more resources to your mission. We want to enhance local philanthropic efforts by utilizing skills-based volunteering from within the construction industry.


We want to know: Can we help you?