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Building for Good evaluates requests for legal assistance on a case-by-case basis.

We invite any nonprofit or charitable organization to contact us for eligibility requirements. The criteria are guiding principles for our decision; however, acceptance will be determined on an individual basis.

B4G helps charities and nonprofits with construction law needs who are helping others in the community.  Organizations that may be candidates for B4G volunteer pro bono services include, but are not limited to, foodbanks, domestic violence and homeless shelters, organizations helping citizens with physical, emotional, or mental disabilities, schools serving underserved populations, conservation and art organizations promoting access to the arts and outdoors by people of all backgrounds, and animal protection agencies. 

Among the factors considered are:

  • the organization’s status as a nonprofit or charity;

  • the legal need - whether the issues are specific to construction law;

  • the financial need - whether the organization needs pro bono services to allow for stronger mission delivery;

  • the organization’s mission - to help others in the community, whether by serving the underserved and marginalized populations or by promoting access to services for people of all backgrounds; and

  • the availability of appropriate attorneys.

Please complete your confidential “Request legal assistance” form, and we will follow up with you to discuss eligibility.

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